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The Catalan Consumer Agency -

European Consumer Section

The European Union, with its 28 member States, forms a large internal market with more than 450 million European citizens. Prosperity, wellfare and the promotion of consumer rights are fundamental values in the development of Community policies. Belonging to the European Union should, therefore, guarantee additional protection for consumers.

In modern society, many daily consumption actions involve contracting services or acquiring products from professionals who are in a different State to the one where the consumer lives. The Catalan Consumer Agency offers advice to consumers from Catalonia with queries or complaints concerning consumer acts or contracts involving companies all over the EU, as well as EU consumers who need information about consumer transactions with professionals located in Catalonia.

This advice can be requested to the European Consumer Section of the Catalan Consumer Agency, based in:


European Consumer Section
Catalan Consumer Agency
C. Pamplona, 113. 08018 Barcelona
Tel.: +34 935 516 537  Fax: +34 935 516 611


through the electronic query form on which you need to explain the purpose of the request and specify the consumer's country and the country of the company or professional, as appropriate.


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