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The Catalan Consumer Agency -

What we do

Our mission is to guarantee people's rights as consumers of goods and products and users of services.

 We inform

 Consumers and companies about their rights and duties concerning consumer affairs and the way to exercise them.

 We do so using different channels:

  • generally the web and leaflets, publications and all communications media.
  • in a personalised way using our 012 telephone line for attention to the public or at our offices. (further information)Link extern

We train

 Consumers, business people, professionals from public consumer organisations and consumers' associations with talks, seminars and training courses.

 And we educate children and young people in responsible consumption.

We act

 To resolve conflicts arising between companies and consumers, using mediation and arbitration mechanisms. (further information)

 To improve the operation of the market for products and services through monitoring and inspection and also, if necessary, normative regulation. And we do so ensuring the protection of the rights of consumers and the competitiveness of businesses.


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